Timed Thornton Creek Routes

The finalized routes are here! The south route has been modified very slightly to minimize arterial crossings. The times refer to the times the bike train is expected to leave that location. Cyclists can hop on the train at any point during its route, using the times as guidelines to inform arrival. If you are planning to participate in these bike trains (which you are, of course) please read the rules of bike trains before the first train.

Thornton Creek Elementary School North Route


Thornton Creek Elementary School South Route

To join the Thornton Creek Bike Train Google Group, contact Maya at maya29@uw.edu.

8 Responses to Timed Thornton Creek Routes

  1. Sarah says:

    Can you make it clear if we’re traveling on 38th or 39th on the southern route. It looks like we’re going right through the neighborhood’s dining rooms! We rode up 39th from Met Market today and found it to be a really enjoyable ride; much better than 45th! Thank you.

  2. mayaj29 says:

    Hah! Thank you for pointing that out, I hadn’t realized!

  3. Sarah says:

    Looks Great, Maya. Although the idea of breakfast with the neighbors is appealing!

  4. Clint says:

    Day 1 of the Bike Trains was awesome! Great job Maya! Thanks for letting us Bryant folks join you all for the fun.

  5. Kelly says:

    We rode today for the first time and it was great! Thanks to all who organized. Would it be possible to add a west route? We left from 20th and 70th at 8:45 and rode east on 68th to meet up with the bike train on 39th. We will plan on riding next week. Thanks for the inspiration. Even my daughter, who says she doesn’t like riding, had a good time.

  6. micheleysp says:

    Eli rode with Kelly and kids from 70th and 20th – and came home with the biggest smile. It was his first ever city ride (aka non paths) and is looking forward to joining this week again.

    • mayaj29 says:

      Yes! It is SO great to hear that the kids are loving it! Now that these routes and rides are happening, let’s hope they keep happening for years to come!

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