Let’s Rally in Ballard!

After two successful meetings this past spring and early summer at Bryant Elementary, walk.bike.schools is taking the show on the road. We’re getting together in Ballard this coming Tuesday to launch some plans for getting more of our kids walking and biking!

Walk.bike.schools was launched this past spring to increase collaboration among Seattle schools and to create a stronger and clearer voice for kid-powered commuting within the city and the school district. While this effort began in NE Seattle (initially sponsored by parents from Bryant Elementary and Eckstein Middle School), the vision has always been citywide. Attendees at the first meetings reflected that diversity, with schools from all over the city becoming involved. It quickly became apparent there is strong interest in kid-powered commuting throughout Seattle, and Ballard happens to be one of several hotbeds for these programs!

West Woodland, Salmon Bay, Adams, Loyal Heights, Whitman, and Ballard High are among the schools in the Ballard neighborhood doing incredible things to promote walking and biking to school. These schools are linked as well. Kids from these several elementary schools frequently attend Whitman Middle and then Ballard High.

Even the high school students bike to school in Ballard!

Ballard is also the home of Kidical Mass, and as kids and families who have participated in those rides begin elementary school, it could really turbocharge these programs!

To acknowledge the great work going on in NW Seattle, this Tuesday’s walk.bike.schools meeting is in Ballard, specifically at Loyal Heights Elementary School. We hope that meeting in Ballard will reinforce the citywide nature of this effort,  showcase the great work going on in Ballard and throughout Seattle, and provide an opportunity to discuss the potential synergy of collaborating among several local schools in one neighborhood.

On Tuesday, we’ll also hear some specific ideas about gearing up for International Walk to School Month and IWalk in October. The good news from Feet First (local IWalk sponsor) is that IWalk can include bike to school programs too, basically any form of kid-powered commuting. Walk and Roll, Walk and Wheel, or any other variation you can think of… it’s all fair game!

Hope to see you Tuesday night!

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