Bike Trains in the Local News!

It was nice to see a little press coverage for the Thornton Creek bike train project last week. KOMO’s communities page picked up the story just after the kickoff meeting at a Thornton Creek parent’s home.

The basic plan for Thornton Creek is to ride every Friday in May, along two routes, picking up kids at stops along the way. One route is along future Neighborhood Greenway 39th Ave. NE, so it should be a good showcase and an opportunity to work out the bugs of getting to school along the future Greenway.

Interested in putting together a bike train at your school? Here is a link to some great information on what has worked in other cities:

Soon we’ll have some results to share from right here in NE Seattle. So stay tuned for more information as the bike trains start rolling!


Thornton Creek Elementary School Bike-Train

Thornton Creek Elementary students will soon be participating in collaborative commuting. This May, children and their parents will ride the predetermined routes to school, stopping to pick up more students along the way. These rides, while cheaper and more environmentally sustainable than driving, also build friendship, community and trust among both student and parent participants. While bike-trains may be small in scale, they address global issues such as social isolation, climate change, childhood obesity and economic instability.

Thornton Creek Routes

Thornton Creek Elementary School North Route

Thornton Creek Elementary School South Route

If you are not directly on a route please explore the safest and most efficient way to cycle to the nearest stop.