Happy back-to-school!

Hello Walk.Bike.Schoolers, welcome back to school! This is one of the first autumns of my life that I am not preparing to go back to school as a full-time student. Pretty strange! However, it is also pretty wonderful as it opens my life to so many other wonderful things, such as biking more, and perhaps more bike-to-school activities.

I will certainly be at the next Walk.Bike.Schools meeting on September 18th, and hope to see you all there!

I also wanted to give a quick plug for a really amazing up-and -coming bike business here in Seattle. I know this is not really a space for advertisements, but Liontail Cycles might just be offering the best possible car alternatives!

Liontail cycles is a business dedicated to designing electric cargo bicycles. Henry Kellogg runs this business from his home, and is very much committed to designing impeccable bikes at affordable prices. So far, most of Henry’s bikes have been electric Xtracycles, though he has done electric conversions on hyrbrid and mountain bikes, and he is looking into a Madsen bucket-bike electric conversion. Anyone who is looking for a way to make it up some of these Seattle hills with kids in tow would be terrific candidates for these bikes. Also, some of these cycles can not only carry two or more kids, but can haul groceries, and hundreds of pounds of cargo!


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